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Project Name: My Thuy Port, Hai Lang District, Quang Tri Province Investment Construction Project;

Main Investor: My Thuy International Port Joint Venture Company;

Location: Southeast Economic Zone, of Hai An Commune, Hai Lang District, Quang Tri Province;

Funding: Private Capital;

Management Method: Investor directly manages the project;

Construction Schedule: Estimated in 2020 - 2036;

Project Status: In the process of construction.

My Thuy port is primarily developed as an energy port, among others for the production of electricity and fertilizer which are planned in connection with the port. The port will also be used for the import and export of general cargo and containers from the Quang Tri Southeast Economic Zone as well as the cargo generated by the East-West Economic Corridor linking Vietnam with Laos, Thailand. Container throughput is projected to start at a low level, but increase quickly in line with the overall economic developments in (Central) Vietnam. Because of the projected throughput increase in time, particularly for containers, the development of port infrastructure.

It is expected that the establishment of My Thuy Port in combination with the Quang Tri Southeast Economic Zone shall provide an important incentive for the establishment of various type of industries. In earlier Master plans developed for Quang Tri for example mention has been made of marine sector industries, petroleum and gas processing industry, electric and gas power plants, high technology and constructional materials, tourism industry and other sectors to be established in the Quang Tri Southeast Economic Zone.

The authorities of Quang Tri Province therefore have policies and great determination to develop the project ‘My Thuy Deep Port and Quang Tri Southeast Economic Zone in Quang Tri Province’, with the clear objective to realize port and industry related investment in the project area.


Form and develop a deep-water seaport to handle ships with tonnage from 50,000-100,000 DWT; Port capacity after complete stage to reach 27 million ton/years and can increase throughput capacity of the port when import/export demands increase.
Exploit the advantages of geographical location, traffic in the chain of Quang Tri EWEC to develop the economy of Quang Tri and other provinces in North Central region.
Motivate the process of economic restructuring in the direction of industrialization and modernization.
Promote the exchange of goods with countries of Mekong sub-region expansion. Increase the volume of export, expand the market for goods and services to potential markets such as Laos, Thailand and others.
Improve people's living standard, ensure the stable life for the residence.
Create the following traffic hubs facilitate contributing economic development - social, economic integration of the region and the world.